Faculty book announcement

Center for Ethics Director Tom Tomlinson, PhD, recently had a new book published by Oxford University Press: Methods in Medical Ethics: Critical Perspectives.

Publisher’s description: “Tom Tomlinson systematically uncovers and evaluates both the strengths and limits of a variety of ethical tools, and in so doing develops a comprehensive appreciation of the roles that various methods can play in deepening our understanding of ethical problems in medicine, and in supporting well-grounded judgments about what to do. He critically evaluates each method to identify both limits and advantages, which he then illustrates through discussion of specific cases and controversies. Tomlinson not only demonstrates that there is no single method adequate to the task, but tries to develop an informed eclecticism that knows how to pick the right tool for the right job. All those engaged in thinking about bioethical theories will find Tomlinson’s work important reading.”

See more of Tomlinson’s research and interests on his page at bioethics.msu.edu.

Update 5/10/2013: Read an editorial on this book on the Clinical Ethics journal website by Soren Holm.