What Patients and Families Don’t Need to Know: Sparrow Ethics Grand Rounds February 20

sparrowThe Center’s director, Tom Tomlinson, PhD, will be presenting at Sparrow Health System’s Critical Care Conference on Wednesday, February 20 with Larry Rawsthorne, MD, of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Consultants.

What Patients and Families Don’t Need to Know

The reigning wisdom is that more information is better. If the physician has any information about the patient’s medical condition or treatment options, the patient or family should always be told. In this presentation this assumption will be challenged. Information has consequences, and sometimes those might leave the patient worse off. Using examples from critical care, a variety of circumstances will be illustrated and discussed in which the “right to know” is in tension with the patient’s best interests, and we wonder: should I keep this to myself?

Importance: Knowing how to make well-reasoned decisions about the sharing of information is critical to the exercise of physicians’ responsibilities to their patients in critical care.

Wednesday, February 20, 12-1 pm
Sparrow Auditorium

For more information, see the Sparrow website.