Leonard Fleck to return to the Third Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education in Paris this June

eiffel-towerCenter for Ethics Professor Leonard Fleck will be returning to the Third Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education this June in Paris. He will be giving a lecture entitled, “Teaching Clinical Economics Ethically: Steering Between the Scylla of Disingenuity and the Charybdis of Patient Betrayal” on Wednesday, June 19 as a part of the Consortium’s “Virtues and Values” discussion.

In April 2010, Cambridge University Press held the first Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education in New York. Leaders in the field were invited to initiate a shared dialogue addressing such questions as: Why are we doing this? What goals are we trying to achieve? Where is bioethics education taking place? How well are we doing? What next?

Tackling those questions continued at the Second Consortium, held in Paris 2012. Delegates from 20 countries reported on bioethics from around the world and discussed proposals for general objectives of bioethics education in various academic programs.

This year will mark the third meeting of leaders to discuss bioethics topics which are currently pertinent in the field. To find out more about the Consortium, please visit their website.