New article from Libby Bogdan-Lovis published in ATRIUM issue “Bad Girls”

bogdanlovis-crop-facElizabeth (Libby) Bogdan-Lovis and Raymond De Vries co-authored the article “The Baddest Births in Town” in Issue 12 (Winter 2014) of ATRIUM, the Report of the Northwestern Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program.

“… [W]hile all pregnant women walk the line between “good girls” (those who eat right, exercise, and put speakers on their bellies to let their future children listen to classical music) and “bad girls” (those smoking, drinking, soft cheese-eating ne’er-do-wells), the ultimate bad pregnant girls—the baddest of the bad—are those who decide to birth their babies at home, turning their backs on the “benefits” offered by hospital-based obstetric technology.”

Read “The Baddest Births in Town” in Issue 12: Bad Girls.

For more information on Bogdan-Lovis’ work in the areas of medicalized childbirth and evidence-based medicine, see her faculty profile.