New Curriculum: College of Human Medicine

MSU-Seal-Green_RGB-1-inchThe CEHLS faculty members are pleased to be participating in the ongoing development of the ‘New Curriculum’ in the College of Human Medicine (CHM) MD program. Our faculty serves on many related committees. Within the Center for Ethics – Karen Kelly-Blake, Libby Bogdan-Lovis, Len Fleck, Ann Mongoven, and Tom Tomlinson comprise the Ethics/Policy/Social Context/Medical Humanities Working Group. At the college level – Len Fleck and Karen Kelly-Blake sit on the Advisory Group to the New Curriculum Design Team.

In preparation for moving the ‘New Curriculum’ forward in the Michigan State University governance process, various CHM working groups are fine-tuning course structure and content. Over the summer Center faculty are working with: the Early Clinical Experience and Learning Societies (Libby Bogdan-Lovis); Middle Clinical Experience (Len Fleck); and Intersessions (Tom Tomlinson). This comprehensive pedagogical initiative provides an opportunity to design innovative educational and training experiences for future physicians.