Dr. Karen Kelly-Blake receives award in support of new study

Kelly-blakeCenter Research Associate Dr. Karen Kelly-Blake has received an award from the Norman Kagan Endowment for Graduate and Professional Studies. This award supports Dr. Kelly-Blake’s proposal, Men’s Health and Masculinity: Implications for Colorectal Cancer Screening.

Dr. Kelly-Blake’s study will capture the masculinity-related concerns expressed in conversations between primary care doctors and their male patients about colorectal cancer screening. The study promises to add a much needed dimension to understanding the related contextual influences on men’s decisions to participate in CRC screening. Insights gained will suggest new directions for improving men’s participation in preventive health behaviors as well as highlighting practical strategies for improving sensitive communication between physicians and their male patients. The long-term goal of this research project is to inform, rethink, and reframe the efforts needed to motivate and encourage men’s participation in measures that hold promise for improving the medical care and treatment they receive.