Dr. Tomlinson travels to China to speak at International Bioethics Summit

Last month, Center Director Dr. Tom Tomlinson traveled to Nanjing, China for the 2015 Nanjing International Bioethics Summit & the Second Session of China Aging Bioethics and Aging Science Forum, hosted by Southeast University. Dr. Tomlinson presented the talk, “Casuistry in Bioethics: Not Adequate, Not Useless.”

His participation in this conference is one aspect of an ongoing partnership between the Center and the College of Humanities at Southeast University, which also includes hosting Southeast University bioethics professor Guobin Cheng.

Image Description: Dr. Tomlinson (left) speaks from a podium on stage while Yin Jie (right) translates for the attendees. Image courtesy of Li Yin Miao.
Image description: A large group of individuals pose for a photo at the summit. Image courtesy of Li Yin Miao.
Image description: A lion statue guards the entrance to an impressive Buddhist nunnery in Nanjing. Image courtesy of Li Yin Miao.