Dr. Cabrera presents on ethical issues in human genetic engineering

Laura Cabrera photoOn April 21, 2016, Laura Cabrera, PhD, presented at Memorial Healthcare’s Ethics and Technology of Human Gene Modification conference in Owosso, MI. Dr. Cabrera’s keynote presentation, “The ethics of human gene modification,” discussed various ethical concerns underlying human gene modification, in particular those concerns raised by CRISPR.

After her keynote presentation, Dr. Cabrera joined the panel and audience discussion. The panel was moderated by Daniel Williams and included Dr. Mario Chaves (Obstetrics & Gynecology), Peg Faulmann (Pastor), Dr. Tallat Mahmood (Oncology & Hematology) and Dr. Thomas Teal (Family Medicine). With the help of iClicker technology, a series of questions were posed to the public, followed by comments from the panel and the audience, leading to a very engaging and rich discussion.