Disability Bioethics: How Faith and Ethics Influence Health Care

Devan Stahl photoAssistant Professor Dr. Devan Stahl recently attended and presented at the 2016 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, held in Holland, MI on May 23-26, 2016. Dr. Stahl presented on “Disability Bioethics: How Faith and Ethics influence Health Care.”

Dr. Stahl’s presentation highlighted the intersections of disability ethics, bioethics, and religion as they relate to how people with disabilities are cared for and treated in the health care system. She highlighted both longstanding and recent debates in bioethics concerning disability rights and how these debates influence (and are influenced by) medical research and practice. Dr. Stahl also discussed how various Christian traditions within the American context have understood the role of medicine in the care of people with disabilities as well as the theologies that led many churches to support the American Eugenics movement in the past and various genetic technologies in the present. Dr. Stahl addressed strategies for churches to become better allies for people with disabilities as well as how they can help congregants navigate the medical system and deliberate the use of medical technologies for persons with disabilities.

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