Teaching bioethics to a large number of biology and pharma students: Lessons learned

Laura Cabrera photoCenter Assistant Professor Dr. Laura Cabrera is a co-author of the article “Teaching bioethics to a large number of biology and pharma students: Lessons learned,” published online ahead of print in Ethics & Behavior.

The article is authored by Sabrina Engel-Glatter, Laura Y. Cabrera, Yousri Marzouki, and Bernice S. Elger.

Abstract: In order to be made aware of bioethical issues related to their disciplines, undergraduate students in biology and pharmaceutical sciences at the University of XXX are required to enroll in the bioethics course “Introduction to Bioethics”. This paper describes the chances and challenges faced when teaching a large number of undergraduate biology and pharmaceutical sciences students. Attention is drawn to the relevance and specific ethical issues that biology and pharmaceutical sciences students may be confronted with, and how these could be integrated into ethics curricula. Results from a survey addressing the knowledge and opinion of students taking the course in spring semester 2012, 2013, and 2014 are presented and discussed. Finally, we describe the lessons learned and how we have improved the course based on students’ feedback throughout the following years.

The full text is available online through Taylor & Francis.