Is External Pressure Really the Key Objection Against Neurosurgery for Imprisoned Psychopaths?

cabrera-crop-2015A commentary by Center Assistant Professor Dr. Laura Cabrera was recently published in AJOB Neuroscience, titled “Is External Pressure Really the Key Objection Against Neurosurgery for Imprisoned Psychopaths?”

Dr. Cabrera addressed two main issues contained in Dietmar Hübner and Lucie White’s argument found in their research article “Neurosurgery for Psychopaths? An Ethical Analysis.” The first one regarding the claim that employing deep brain stimulation (the technique that Hübner and White focused on) for forensic purposes is still “in an early phase of design and discussion.” The second addressing Hübner and White’s claim regarding voluntary informed consent. In particular, Dr. Cabrera argues that the issue of external pressure is not a key objection to support that psychopaths’ informed consent is not voluntary.

Dr. Cabrera’s commentary is available to read online through Taylor & Francis Online.

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