Dr. Stahl presents on hoping for “miracles” at annual MSMS bioethics conference

Devan Stahl photoOn November 11, Center Assistant Professor Dr. Devan Stahl presented at the Michigan State Medical Society 21st Annual Conference on Bioethics. Held in Ann Arbor, the conference’s theme was “First do no harm: Avoiding Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment in Medicine.” Dr. Stahl gave the talk “Responding to those who Hope for a Miracle.”

Dr. Stahl presented strategies for engaging patients and families who request aggressive care with the hope of obtaining a “miracle.” As discussed in her latest article*, Dr. Stahl laid out a taxonomy of how the term “miracle” is used in the context of health care, as well as tips for healthcare providers responding to those particular invocations. The audience was presented with case studies that highlighted the different ways in which a patient may use miracle language as well as communication strategies that can help further a dialogue about appropriate and inappropriate uses of medical treatments.

* Note: viewing this article may require MSU Library or other institutional access.