Article from Dr. Cabrera in February issue of ‘The Lancet Neurology’

Laura Cabrera photoCenter Assistant Professor Dr. Laura Cabrera and co-author Judy Illes (University of British Columbia) have a comment article in the February 2018 issue of The Lancet Neurology. Their article is titled “Balancing ethics and care in disorders of consciousness.”

Summary: Neuromodulatory interventions that rely on the premise that stimulation activates or promotes brain circuit signals are being applied to a wide range of therapeutic targets in neurological and psychiatric disorders. The numbers of patients with whom these interventions are being tested, the range of approaches, and the variety of methods are all on the rise. Paralleling these trends are the increasing numbers of countries doing clinical trials, and the coverage of them in the press.  

The full text is available online through The Lancet (MSU Library or other institutional access may be required to view this article).