Dr. Cabrera an expert panelist at international neurotechnology event

Center Assistant Professor Dr. Laura Cabrera was an invited expert panelist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) workshop “Minding Neurotechnology: Delivering Responsible Innovation for Health and Well Being,” held September 6-7 in Shanghai, China.

The workshop was focused on exploring some of the unique ethical, legal, and policy challenges raised by health-related applications of brain science and its integration into cutting edge neurotechonologies. Dr. Cabrera’s session on “Identifying gaps in neurotechnology governance: potential roles of the market and the public sector to ensure ‘technology robustness’” was focused on raising potential governance issues associated with emerging neurotechnologies that deserve shared consideration given their public attention as well as their potential economic and social implications.

Cabrera Shanghai panel Sept 2018.JPG
Image description: Dr. Cabrera (third from right) is photographed on stage with fellow panelists at the OECD event. Photo by Dr. Judy Illes.