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Trust and Transparency in Quarantine

As of February 11, more than 1,000 people have died from the novel coronavirus, the vast majority of them in China. As the virus spreads, China has been implementing the largest quarantine in human history. The virus has spread beyond the borders of China, and has been observed in at least twenty-four countries. There is no way of knowing how effective the quarantine has been. It obviously didn’t prevent the virus’s spread, though it’s likely fewer people are infected because of it. Part of the reason that the quarantine has not worked to prevent the spread is that many in China evidently don’t trust those implementing the quarantine. Continue reading

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Episode 4: Comparing Chinese and American Bioethics

Episode 4 of No Easy Answers in Bioethics is now available! This episode features guests Dr. Guobin Cheng, Adjunct Associate Professor with the Center for Ethics and Associate Professor at Southeast University in China, and Center Director and Professor Dr. Tom Tomlinson. Freshly back in East … Continue reading

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Dr. Stahl visits Southeast University in China

Last month, Center Assistant Professor Dr. Devan Stahl traveled to Nanjing, China to visit Southeast University. Dr. Stahl’s host was Dr. Guobin Cheng, who recently spent one year at MSU collaborating with Center faculty. Dr. Stahl had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Dr. Tomlinson travels to China to speak at International Bioethics Summit

Last month, Center Director Dr. Tom Tomlinson traveled to Nanjing, China for the 2015 Nanjing International Bioethics Summit & the Second Session of China Aging Bioethics and Aging Science Forum, hosted by Southeast University. Dr. Tomlinson presented the talk, “Casuistry … Continue reading

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