Dr. Cabrera presents on neuroenhancement at Mexico City event

On May 17, Center Assistant Professor Dr. Laura Cabrera presented on “‘Neuroenhancement’ en países de habla hispana” on the panel “Neuroethics in Mexico: Considerations for development.” The panel part of the Academia Nacional Mexicana de Bioética conference series in Mexico City in conjunction with the Mexican Neuroethics Association (Asociación Mexicana de Neuroética). Dr. Cabrera’s presentation was based on an ongoing collaboration with Mexican Neuroethics Association President Dr. Karen Herrera-Ferrá, looking at examining the similarities and points of divergence between the Euro-American and the Hispanic discussions about neuroenhancement.

Cabrera presenting in Mexico City
Photo: Dr. Cabrera (right) presenting in Mexico City on May 17. Photo courtesy of Dr. Cabrera.

Dr. Cabrera attends 1st Interdisciplinary Forum on Neuroethics

Dr. Laura Cabrera presents on stage at the 1st Interdisciplinary Forum on Neuroethics in Mexico City. Photo courtesy of Laura Cabrera.

The clinical bioethics and neuroethics  group of Anáhuac University (BINCA) held the 1st interdisciplinary forum on neuroethics in Mexico City on May 20-21, 2016. Dr. Laura Cabrera attended and gave the closing talk of the event with a presentation entitled “Neuroethics: an international perspective.” In her talk Dr. Cabrera discussed her experience with neuroethics in the various countries she has worked in.

In this two-day event, the talks were a very nice immersion into the different ways in which neuroscience and neuroethics enter into our lives, covering clinical neuroethics, neurotechnology, neuroestethics, neurolaw, and neuro in society. Students affiliated with BINCA also had the opportunity to give a short presentation of their current research projects.