Ariel Cascio joining Center faculty this fall

Ariel Cascio

The Center for Bioethics and Social Justice at Michigan State University is excited to welcome new faculty member M. Ariel Cascio, PhD, who starts in August. Cascio has an anthropology and neuroethics background, and their work is also oriented around research ethics, disability studies, and medical education.

Cascio received their PhD in anthropology from Case Western Reserve University in 2015. Their research has focused on ethical and social issues related to autism and neurodiversity more broadly. During their dissertation research, Cascio spent almost a year in Italy conducting ethnographic research with youth attending autism-focused services.

Most recently Cascio was an assistant professor at Central Michigan University College of Medicine. Previously they were a postdoctoral researcher at the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit of the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM), where they conducted a multi-national, multi-lingual survey study that investigated the preferences of autistic people and parents for different types of services, and collaborated with autistic people and other stakeholders to develop person-oriented research ethics suggestions for studies involving autistic people.