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New commentary from Dr. Tomlinson in ‘American Journal of Bioethics’

Center Professor Dr. Tom Tomlinson has a new commentary in the September 2018 American Journal of Bioethics. In “Getting Off the Leash,” Dr. Tomlinson discusses “digital medicines” and what such technologies mean for patient privacy. He asks questions such as: do … Continue reading

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Worried about your privacy? Your genome isn’t the biggest threat.

This post is a part of our Bioethics in the News series By Tom Tomlinson, PhD It was good news to learn last month that the “Golden State Killer” had at last been identified and apprehended. A very evil man gets … Continue reading

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Would you donate to a biobank?

Center Director Dr. Tom Tomlinson and Raymond G. De Vries, Co-Director of the Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine at University of Michigan, have co-authored the article “Americans want a say in what happens to their donated blood and tissue … Continue reading

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The face of Zika: women and privacy in the Zika epidemic

This post is a part of our Bioethics in the News series. By Monica List, DVM, MA A quick online search for “Zika” reveals two kinds of images, those of vectors and those of victims. Images of Aedes sp. mosquitoes, vectors … Continue reading

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