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The White House outbreak: How to criticize irresponsible leaders without getting stuck in the illness blame game

n a twist of fate, there was an outbreak of COVID-19 at a White House celebration of the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court of the United States. This elicited a wide range of reactions to seeing a gathering of opponents of strict COVID-19 control measures being hurt by the very pandemic they have downplayed. While others have worried about the moral philosophy of taking pleasure in others’ suffering, or the hypocrisy of evading rules one publicly espouses, I have a different worry. Continue reading

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Mass Shootings, Mental Illness and Stigma

This post is a part of our Bioethics in the News series By Devan Stahl, PhD Over the past two months, we have witnessed two more mass shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, TX. Once again, these incidents bring up … Continue reading

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Libby Bogdan-Lovis published in ‘AIDS Patient Care and STDs’

Center Assistant Director Libby Bogdan-Lovis co-authored the article “‘‘She Told Them, Oh That Bitch Got AIDS’’: Experiences of Multilevel HIV/AIDS-Related Stigma Among African American Women Living with HIV/AIDS in the South,” published in the July 2016 issue of AIDS Patient Care and STDs. … Continue reading

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Ebola: A Tough Teacher

This post is a part of our Bioethics in the News series. For more information, click here. By Ann Mongoven, Ph.D. The unfolding tragedy of Ebola in West Africa offers painful ethical lessons about international epidemic control. International public health organizations … Continue reading

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University of Michigan Professor Lisa Harris will give online lecture on contested medical procedures

Stigma, Conscience, and Contested Medical Procedures Conscientious objection (CO) in healthcare provision is widely represented in discourse and in law as synonymous with opposition to contraception, sterilization or  abortion. The pairing of “conscience” with opposition to family planning services is … Continue reading

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