Dr. Leonard Fleck contributes to journal Urologic Oncology on the topic of personalized medicine

Leonard FleckLeonard Fleck, PhD, served as guest editor for a “seminar series” in the journal Urologic Oncology on the topic of personalized medicine. He wrote the introduction to the series and contributed one of the four essays: “Just Caring: Assessing the Ethical and Economic Costs of Personalized Medicine,” Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations. February 2014;32(2):202-206.

The other three essays were as follows:

  • Michelle McGowan et al. “Integrating Genomics into Clinical Oncology: Ethical and Social Challenges from Proponents of Personalized Medicine.”
  • Wylie Burke et al. “Essential Elements of Personalized Medicine.”
  • Jennifer Wagner et al. “ ’Use It or Lose It’ as an Alternative Approach to Protect Genetic Privacy in Personalized Medicine.”

Read his introduction and essay in the February 2014 issue. *MSU Library access  or other subscription may be required to view